Back from Vacation...

Posted on Wednesday, April 10, 2013

So, last week was spring break for my son and my aunt really wanted him to come and stay with her for the week....(who am I to deny family spending time with my kiddo!)...
So, I got to take vacation, too!
My husband is an over-the-road truck driver and whenever I get "free-time" (basically, whenever my aunt is ready for a long visit with my son), I go along with him.  I have a lot of fun! 
I've never traveled much, so tagging along on his routes, allows me to see a lot of the country...and, I get to spend more time with my hubby. (Plus, I get to take a break from work and catch up on my reading, search word puzzles, magazines and napping!)
Usually I don't take my camera along with me, but last year, there were many times I wished I'd had my camera. (I missed taking pictures of some really cool things.)  So, this trip, I packed my camera and planned to capture as many "moments" as I could...Unfortunately, we were really busy, so we didn't get much time to take breaks and walk around. (Plus where we were sent, didn't offer the greatest opportunities for pictures.  Oh and I kinda slept through 50% of the trip!) ;)
I did manage to take a few pictures, that turned out pretty good. (Taking pictures from inside a moving semi-truck, is no easy feat!)
(I'll try to remember where I took the photos, but I have a horrible memory and I'm really bad with locations.)

 (I thought the "bubble" building was kinda neat!)
We're somewhere near Chicago or around Chicago or in Chicago...Chicago seems to go on forever!

Nestle plant..."Just leave me here for a few hours"!

This is some type of quarry, that I believe was around the Chicago area.

Airplane landing in Milwaukee (I think)...
(Airplanes are kinda freaky when you're driving, because there are times they get so low, that I swear they're going to crash into the highway!)

Rock face, as we were leaving Kentucky.

Well, there are my exciting photos!
I know they aren't much, but I still had a really great time and I'll definitely try harder on the next trip to stay awake and get some nifty pictures to share!


  1. Chicago to Milwaukee? I've done that drive before (but not in a semi!). Love it! No chance to stop at the big cheese place near the border?

    1. Nope, we didn't get a chance to stop much on this trip.
      There are lots of things I see along the way that I wish we could take a few minutes and explore. Unfortunately, most places don't have semi-truck parking! ;)