Blogging and Stitching, week 3...

Posted on Saturday, May 25, 2013

And, once again, I prove how badly I FAIL at keeping anything updated!
I apologize for not posting an update last week, but my family was really, really busy and I didn't get much time to stitch. (Honestly, I think I sat and cross stitched for maybe 2 hours last week.)  So, there really wasn't anything to actually post...

I did get some time to stitch this week!

I only worked on this one piece the last couple of weeks, because I really enjoy it!  It is a relaxing piece for me, so I'm able to unwind a bit. (Its been a pretty hectic couple of weeks.)

I do have a funny story to share...
My husband and I went to the lake last Monday, so he could do some fishing...
I of course, took along my cross stitching.  Well, my husband caught a fish, so I had to drop my stitching, grab the net and bring it over to him...
I got back to my stitching (which was safely on my chair) and noticed that a bird poop had landed on my cross stitch!  Luckily, most of it was on the plastic bag, that I carry the pattern and floss in...
...but, a small portion did land on my actual piece of cloth! (Thankfully, it is on part of the cloth that will be cut away when it is time to frame it.)
Now, I've been going out to the lake for years with my hubby and I always take my stitching bag with me and I've NEVER had that happen before!
And, I really hope it never happens again!

Anyway, since I had so little to share in this update, I thought I'd add a few pictures from our yard!
(The verbena tree and lilac trees' blooms are starting to open...)
Can't wait for all the lilacs to bloom, the smell is just fantastic!
Anyway, I really hope everyone has a wonderful (and safe) Memorial Day weekend!  I plan on updating again next Saturday...fingers crossed! (Changing to Saturdays, because Sundays can get really hectic, with my husband's work schedule.)
See everyone later!

Oh, one last picture, that I had fun editing!

Happy Weekend!


  1. Pretty flowers! I looooove lilacs! I have a lot of color in my yard but no fragrance :( Unless you count dogs.