A playful kitty and a candle...

Posted on Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Last night, my husband decided to play with our youngest cat, Cooper (he's a year old, Ragdoll kitty) and they were having a bunch of fun with a feather flyer toy. (Cooper loves feathers!  He has quite the prey drive.)  Anyway, they were playing, when my hubby flicked the toy up towards our coffee table, where we happened to have a candle lit (I know, surprise, surprise, I have a candle lit in my house) and Cooper decided to do a jumping, back flip, right onto our coffee table.  He just nearly missed knocking over the candle and spilling hot wax everywhere!
Thank goodness everything and everyone was just fine, but lesson learned...NO lit candles around when we decide to play with our cats!

(A picture of the kitty that causes all the trouble!)


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