Posted on Wednesday, August 15, 2012

I've decided to start revamping/re-branding my candles and my Etsy shop.
I really needed to find my place in the candle market and I think I just might be getting there now...well, my fingers are crossed that I am!
It hit me about a week ago that I should really use the fact that I'm from the Upper Peninsula of Michigan as a selling point, especially since there is a whole mantra here of "Made in the U.P." and I am very proud to be from the U.P. (I love being called a Yooper!)  It fits in with my candles quite easily, since I work with natural waxes and zinc-free wicks. (I try to work with as many natural ingredients as I can.) And, the Upper Peninsula is hailed for its natural beauty, so it really is a good match. (At least in my head it is!) 
Plus, I get to practice taking pictures, too!  I love taking nature pictures and now I'll have a good place to share them and actually get some use out of them! 
I just hope the idea works and that I'm not completely crazy in thinking it is a good plan! :)

Anyway, I thought I share a few pictures that I took this weekend...


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