My method for cleaning out candle jars...

Posted on Friday, January 18, 2013

Today, a past customer of mine contacted me, to find out my method for cleaning out soy wax jar candles...
So, I figured I would post my method on here, too. (In case anyone else wanted to know how to clean their jar candles.)
(Please note, this method has only be tested on soy and palm wax candles in glass jars.)

How I clean my soy wax mason jar candles?
-I get an old pot (nothing huge, but big enough to hold water and the candle) and place about a 1 - 3 cups of water in the pot. (The amount of water depends on the size of the pot and the size of the candle, but the water should just cover the amount of wax that is left in the jar.)
-Then start boiling the water. (I leave my jar in the pot, so it gets used to the temperature increase.)
-Let the water boil. I use a fork to check on the wax remaining to see if it is turning to liquid.
-Once the wax has started to melt, I pull my garbage can to me and start to dump out the wax. (I use my husband's tongs that he uses for grilling, to lift out the jar and pour the wax.) Be careful when you're dumping the wax, the jar and wax will be very hot.
(If there is a still a chunk of wax, I'll break it up with the fork and either lift it right out, or put it back in the boiling pot to melt down.)
-To get the wick tab out, I use the fork to move it around, while it is in the boiling water. It will usually come right up and I just throw the tab in the garbage. (Use the fork to pull the tab out of the jar, because it too, will be very hot.)
-Once all the wax is out of the jar (or most of it is out), I put the jar in the sink and run hot water and soap into it. (I just use whatever dish soap I have on hand.) I let it sit for a few minute to cool off and then I scrub it with a scrubby pad, hot water and soap.
-Let it dry and scrub it again if there is any residue left.

**Just please remember to be careful during this entire process, the water will be boiling and the wax will be very hot!  Make sure to use hot pads and tongs (and a fork) to keep yourself from getting burned.


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