New kitty toy...

Posted on Friday, February 1, 2013

Anyone that knows me, knows I love my cats and I just adore finding new things to keep them entertained...
Well, we have one cat, Cooper, that is almost 2 years old and absolutely loves to play.  Unfortunately, my other cats DO NOT enjoy playing with him. (Who could blame them, though, Cooper is about 14 pounds of fluff, claws and teeth and he doesn't seem to realize just how big he is or how rough he is playing.)
So, we've tried to find other things for Cooper to play with...
He destroys most toys, though.  He LOVES feathers (and birds), well, he actually loves to KILL feathers!  He eats them. (I don't like him eating them, because of the end results.)
He loves to play with balls, but he always bats them under our couch, where they are never to be seen again.
So, we've bought several different "chase toys" for him. (You know, the plastic disk with a ball in it or around it that the cats bat with their paws.)
He loves those toys!

This past weekend, we were doing our weekly shopping and found a "chase toy" that has 2 balls for the cats to bat at and one of the balls makes BIRD noises! 
We had to get it, since Cooper loves the birds so very much! (I knew he would go bonkers for it!)
He loves it and so do my other, older cats. (The bird noises really draw them in.)
You can find the toy here: Birdie Chase Toy
This is seriously one of the best toys we've gotten! (Of course, we couldn't put the feathers in the middle, well we tried, they lasted a whole 2 minutes before Cooper pulled them out and started eating them.)

For good measure, here is a picture of the fluffy brat, playing with his first "chase toy". (The ball in that one lights up, another thing Cooper loves, bright lights!)


  1. How cute!!! I love cats, and have 3 sweet rescue kitties. New follower here from http://handmadebygemmie.blogspot.com.au/ :)