New section coming...

Posted on Wednesday, February 20, 2013

For the last couple weeks, I've been working really hard getting a new section in my shop ready for listing. (It's actually been a bit more difficult then I expected.)
I had originally planned on opening a second Etsy shop, but after talking with my hubby and fellow Etsy shop owners, I decided making a new shop section would work better.  I am really excited about this new section and new product line, that I just had to share something with someone...
And what better place, then here!

The new section will be called "The Vanilla Shack" and this section is going to be dedicated to the wonderful scent of vanilla!  Vanilla is my absolute favorite fragrance and I am super excited to share this love with all my customers.
In "The Vanilla Shack" section, all candles made will be dye free and of course, high quality fragrance oils will be used!
I have a few pictures of one of the first candles that will be posted:

This candle features some red sprinkles, that were made with all natural soy wax and a touch of silver glitter and smells delicious! (It is scented with a vanilla fragrance named Vanilla Sweetness/Vanilla Valentine.)  Now, I do realize that there was a bit of dye used in this candle, but just on the top.  The actual candle is completely white in color and dye free.
Along with the new line of candles, I'm also making a new line of soaps!  I've started making soap and love it! (I plan on adding an entire bath & body section to the shop, with lots of new goodies for everyone.)

Well, I hope to have the new line of candles posted this weekend (2/23 - 2/24), but I do want to make sure everything is as perfect as I can get it...So, it may be delayed a bit, but I'm hoping to post the new products soon!