"Bird - Brain"

Posted on Sunday, March 31, 2013

My husband is the "bird - brain" in our house...
Well, he is actually a bird enthusiast, but its fun to call him a "bird - brain"!
Last winter, my family and I started feeding the birds during the winter. (We've always had one bird feeder in our back yard, but last year, that one bird feeder was joined by 3 more and we had tons of birds visiting our back yard.)
This year was no different.  We've added another bird feeder and two suet feeders for the wood peckers, that started visiting our house.
Watching the birds has become a family hobby, even my son enjoys looking at the birds and finding them in our "Birds of Michigan" book. (Our cats love it too, but for a whole different reason!)
I try to take pictures of the birds whenever I can, especially when it is a new bird that has decided to visit.
I haven't had much luck this year, but a couple weeks ago I finally managed to get some decent photos of a female Pine Grosbeak.  She was actually sitting in my neighbor's crab apple tree, but I bet she came by, because of all the feeders! (That's my theory at least!)
So, I thought a would share a few of the photos...

I was really surprised how long she sat in the tree eating berries, especially with me walking around, snapping pictures. 

A few fun facts about the Pine Grosbeak:
1.)  They usually have 4 - 5 eggs, that are a bluish green. (They don't have any special markings.)
2.) They like to eat seeds, fruits and insects. (They will come to feeders.)
3.)  They are very tame and approachable.
4.)  They eat tiny grains of sand and dirt to aid in digestion.
5.)  They like to "bathe" in the fluffy snow.

Anyway, hope everyone enjoyed the pictures!
Have a great weekend!


  1. Nice photos! What a lovely lady. I'm excited to add more feeders to our yard this year, too. It's fun to try to identify new visitors!

    1. Thank you!
      We always say we're done getting bird feeders, but somehow, they keep multiplying in the yard! ;)